Rabu, 18 Februari 2009

Apa itu bilirubin..

sometimes med check up makes a normal person turns sick..huhu..
after doing urine test again and noticing that my urine sample contains bilirubin day before yesterday, i try to google what bilirubin is, and the result is as follows:

The Nurse calls you to the back room. "Will you please provide us with a urine sample?" she asks as she places a specimen bottle into your hands. You agree. After all, it part of the routine yearly physical. You give her the bottle, and then she takes you into a room and takes your weight, blood pressure, temperature, and pulse. She leaves, and then the doctor comes in. He has you go through the usual check-up observations and asks the usual questions. Then he leaves. Upon returning, the doctor is carrying a few papers. "You urinalysis shows that bilirubin is present in your urine. Would you please go get some blood tests done at the hospital?" He hands you the stack of papers and leaves before you have the chance to ask any more questions.
So what is bilirubin, and what does having bilirubin in your urine indicate? This article should answer a few of your questions.
Bilirubin is a normal byproduct of the body. As red blood cells, the cells that carry oxygen to the body, wear out, they are filtered out through the liver. The liver, when functioning correctly, will send these useless blood cells (bilirubin) out of the body by means of the large intestine. Normally, your kidneys, which produce urine, will not have to filter out the dead red blood cells. However, when the liver isn't functioning properly, bilirubin is filtered by the kidneys and comes out in the urine instead of through your colon.
The most common reason your liver wouldn't be functioning correctly would be because of liver disease and hepatitis. Jaundice, or yellow skin and yellow eyes, is a symptom liver disease and hepatitis. If a doctor detects both bilirubin in the urine and notices that your fingers and skin have a yellow tint, he will suspect hepatitis. Other causes of bilirubin in the urine include a blocked common bile duct. The liver creates bile and releases the enzyme into the intestines. When the common bile duct is blocked, the bile and bilirubin can't make it into the intestines and must be expelled from the body through the urinary system.
Whether the cause is liver disease, hepatitis, or a blocked common bile duct, only a blood test and ultrasound of your liver and liver enzymes will determine the cause of the jaundice and urinary bilirubin. The doctor will order an AST and ALT count. These are liver enzymes. If they are above or below the normal levels, hepatitis will be suspected. The doctor will also order an ultrasound of your liver to see if it is inflamed. After all of these tests have been performed, an accurate diagnosis can be made.

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is this the compound that make me feel sometimes dizzy and lazy? i dont know...but after knowing the truth, the life seems harder...huahaha....
i have to go back home this saturday to investigate and know more about this (buat2 MC)...hope no more suprise..

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